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Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Standing connections make Bakhtawarpur a vote topper

NEW DELHI: Poised on the north-western edge of Delhi, Bakhtawarpur ward is cut out of an arrangement of very much heeled towns that generally live off farming. In addition to other things, the agriculturists here likewise develop and offer marigold blooms that contribute generously to their coffers. The streets are flawlessly laid out and seeing a Land Rover or an Audi is more standard than uncommon. A bounty of chic houses offers additional confirmation of Bakhtawarpur's thriving.

"Indeed, even the race chief lauded us yesterday. Voting has now turned into a piece of our way of life," says Om Prakash, 51, a rancher, showing his ink-stamped finger. It turns out to be clear after TOI talked with a few local people that rank linkages assume a key part in the high turnout in this ward containing over twelve towns with 55,000 voters. Bakhtawarpur is the enormous gest town in the ward and situated at the middle. Bhule Ram Chauhan, 70, an ex-serviceman and previous pradhan, says that eagerness and enthusiasm for decisions has dependably been a one of a kind component of the region.

"Notwithstanding when I challenged in 1983, an enormous rate of peo 1983, a colossal rate of individuals voted. I recollect even a pregnant woman was conveyed to the corner on a bunk. It is to a great extent a result of the group feeling here. The town has an expansive number of Chauhans and all families resemble relatives in a more distant family .And on the off chance that you don't vote, it turns into a matter of ulahana (grouse)," he says.
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Sunday, 22 January 2017

Why Bill Clinton helped a 33-year-old build a $1bn firm

If you are going to get someone famous to launch your global business officially, it is hard to do better than President Bill Clinton.

Yet as Andy Kuper will attest, it can be a nerve-racking experience.

Back in September 2008, President Clinton was so impressed with Andy's new company, Leapfrog Investments, that he decided he would unveil it during his keynote speech at the annual meeting of his Clinton Global Initiative foundation.

It meant that President Clinton would invite the then 33-year-old Andy on to the stage to speak to the few hundred attendees at the event in New York.

Andy says: "I had done a lot of public speaking before, but this was a rock 'n' roll thing. I was worried about stumbling on the stairs and falling on the president."

Thankfully for Andy, he managed to stay on his feet and give a speech that wasn't too overshadowed by President Clinton's well-known oratorical talents.

Andy says: "President Clinton was amazing, he is an incredible public speaker, I owe him a great deal."